Looking to add some thrills to your GM Screen? We'll look no further! Right now we offer several options to improve the versatility of our screens. Look for more in the coming months!


First, we offer Pencil Shelves! These can be purchased in one, two, or all three panels! Each side panel can fit one shelf and the center fits two. If you go all out, you'll have storage for four writing utensils!


Next, we have the Mythic Dice Rail. Capable of holding 7 standard die (it'll also hold spindowns if you so choose), this accessory can be purchased seperately as a stand alone dice display or with one of our GM Screens. When purchased with a screen we add rare earth magnets which allow the rail to be attached to the top of the screen. If that's not your style, it has been designed to fit perfectly at the base of the screen's center panel. Available in all 8 colors including natural wood, this can be matched to your choosen screen color or van gogh with a complimentary color! Whichever you want, we'll do. Is your screen textured? We'll match the Dice rail with texturing as well!


Made from the rarest and most supple Stoneskin dragon hide, the Dragon Sleeve DM Screen Carrier is the perfect addition to your Mythic Makings DM Screen! It comfortably fits all three pieces and protects them during transport or storage. It is lined with a soft fabric and it includes a removable foam pad that is inserted between the screen pieces to stop wear. And for uber convenience, the flap is secured with two heavy duty snap buttons that won't pop open accidentally! These buttons have also been reinforced to prevent tear-out and extend the life of the case! Need to carry other things at the same time? No problemo. We can add a satchel strap allowing it to be carried from the shoulder leaving your hands free for Mythic Makings' Player's Vaults, hit point counters, and Inspiration dice displays!