DMs Rejoice, for another Ultimate DM Screen is upon you: Our Landscape Edition! Made from solid Red Oak (not plywood, cardboard, or foam-board like other screens that will wear out and fall apart over time) this item is forged with beauty, inspiration, and intimidation in mind. At 9 1/4" tall, it is sure to protect your planning from PC's as well as hiding those unintentional natural 1's while allowing easier tabletop access and viewing.

Made from three pieces (cut in line for a continuous grain look) and joined with rare earth magnets, this screen can be quickly disassembled for easy transport. It also includes 8 magnets on the DM side to allow you to hang important player sheets, rules, and other misc information necessary for adventuring in style with something as simple as a paperclip! Each hanging sheet area uses two magnets to prevent paper curling.

Check out our add-ons! We now offer recessed pencil storage areas, that we call pencil shelves, on the DM side of the screen, 3/4" from the bottom of each panel! Each storage area is 6" long by 5/8" tall by 1/2" deep and will house a single pencil or marker. There are three pencil shelves in the center screen panel and one in each side panel available. We know space is at a premium behind the screen. These allow you to get those writing untensils out of the way until they are needed. Click the image below for more information.










Need some dice to go with that screen? We've got you covered! Select the 7-piece dice option and you'll receive a fancy black velvet dice bag large enough to hold dozens of dice as well as 1 set of color matching die: D20, D12, D10, D00, D8, D6, and a D4. The color of the set will be selected at random. The color finishes available include creamy metallic, translucent, and solids.

Check back often as we create more add-ons for this and our other DM Screens!

This version of our DM Screen shows off the smooth, unblemished wood grain on both sides.

Not a DM but would like to give this as a gift? No Problem! All of Mythic Makings products are fully customizable. We can carve Guild names, special turns of phrase, quotes, thank you messages, and more. Just let us know and we'll get it done at minimal extra cost.

Carved Versions coming soon. Check our other listings! How about custom versions of the DM screen we've completed? Check out our Facebook page:

Images are shown with the medium reddish brown finish. See our "about" page for images detailing the different finishing options!

Each side panel is 11 5/8" wide by 9 1/4" tall by 3/4" thick. The center panel is 22" wide by 9 1/4" tall by 3/4" thick.

Image note: Dice, paper, and hanging magnets not included. Dice may be purchased as an add-on!