Mythic Makings is your one stop shop for customization! All of our products are fully customizable with customer supplied text, images, quotes, turns of phrase, and other mythic things! Every customer requesting a custom order will receive a previsualization/render of the requested work before fabrication begins. This way you'll have an excellent idea of what the finished customization will look like! All of our items can also be colored to our customer's desire.


Choose from 18 different finishes:

Antique Cherry Brown, Cherry, Medium Reddish Brown, Black, Elven Eye Blue, Lava Burst Red

Dragon Scale Green, Amethyst, Ebony, Slate, Java, Mid-Day Yellow

Sunset Orange, Dark Mission Brown, Light Oak, Burnt Sienna, Early American Maple


Natural Wood


All of our products are sealed with a gloss lacquer that will give you a protective surface that'll resist scratches, spills, orcs blood....


Do you already own a gaming item made from wood, plastic, or soft metals (aluminum, brass) but would like to add your own personal flair? We can do that! You ship it to us and we'll add to your hearts desire. NOTE: Certain size limitations apply. Also, carving will remove finish of the item in the area carved and generally we will not apply a finish unless the item sent is bare wood or metal. This is due to some finishes being oils that our lacquer will not stick to.


To request a custom order, click the link below!