General Wood Care

With the proper care and attention, Mythic's wood products will last through years of use.


Sunlight: It's just as bad for wood as it is for your skin. So keep it out of direct sunlight! Short exposure poses little risk but long periods of direct exposure can change the color and, if extremely warm, may alter the finish.



Cleaning Your Wood Product

Mythic Makings products are all sealed with a shellac and oil-based polyurethane/clear varnish. When dusting, use a dry cotton cloth. If removing smudges, dried soda, food, etc. use a cotten cloth dampened with water. Do not use paper towels as they will leave marks in the finish over time and may break apart and embed in carvings. Do not use solvents or other chemical cleaning products as they may damage the finish and the wood.

Preventing Damage

Wood is a tough material. But it is not impervious. Any impact may ding or damage your item. Use care when moving, hanging, storing, etc. your Mythic Makings product(s). Mythic is not responsible for any damage caused to our products after shipment is complete.

Ambient Temperature and Humidity

As with all things wood, the temperature and humidity can have certain effects. Wood can and will expand, contract, bow, cup, twist, and warp. Short term exposure to changes in temperature and humidity flucuations shouldn't cause any issue. But if you were to lock one of our items in your car during a rainy day or during a sweltering heat wave, you may experience issues. Treat wood like it is a child. Very tempermental if you ignore it. In some cases, this wood movement can be reversed by returning it to a stable and comfortable environment. But not always.


All woods will change with age, especially their color. Do not be alarmed :) Some woods will darken while others will lighten. It's all part of the joy of being a collector of beautiful hardwood items. These changes are gradual and will normally take years. However, local environments may accelerate these changes. Temperature, humidity, and exposure to sunlight can all contribute to your item aging prematurely.

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