Wow! Before I purchased this I read all of the reviews and they all had nothing but positive things to say! I can now be one of those reviews and say that this is the most well made gift I have ever received. The workmanship and finish on my players vault is superb, not a blemish on it. If you’re tossing up whether or not to buy this I can guarantee that this is the most well made box of its kind on this website! There are many cheap alternatives made from pvc or plywood but this product is made from solid timer, stained and varnished so well that I am proud to display it when I go D&Ding with my mates! Jess was wonderful with her correspondence throughout the process and I cannot recommend her or her workmanship enough!

Michael H.

I am extremely happy with this dice case. Jess was very easy to work with, quick to respond to messages, and flexible with any changes to the order I had. I would highly recommend doing business with them both for their service and their final product.

Joe M.

I am very pleased with the DM screen that I had custom made. The engraving is very detailed, and the finish quality is outstanding.Also, Jess is extremely responsive and was helpful, when I had to adjust my custom image I had sent him to use.

I will be purchasing additional items from Mythic Makings.

Kevin B.